Affiliate terms

Affiliate commissions

If you promote Acowebs’s products and services on your website, Acowebs will pay you a commission for every WordPress plugin that is sold to a third party through a referral link on your site.

The current commission percentage is 30%. Acowebs has the right to change this percentage at any time without notice. The affiliate will be notified of any changes to the commission percentage by email.

Commission will be paid for the first year that a customer buys an annual or lifetime license for one of Acowebs’s plugins. Commission will be paid for any renewals of the license after the first year. Even though, Acowebs has the right to change this in the future depending on the changes in the market.

As an affiliate of Acowebs, you should direct your referral links to our main website. This could be to our homepage, the Plugins page, individual plugin sales pages, or blog posts/tutorials. We will not pay commission for affiliate links to a plugin demo site or any support pages.

Acowebs will keep an accurate and updated record of the data used to calculate the Commission that is owed to the Affiliate. The relevant totals will be made available to the Affiliate in the Affiliate Area on Doing this will help ensure that the Affiliate is able to get what they are entitled to in a timely and effective manner.


Acowebs’s 30-day refund policy means that any Commissions earned in January will be paid out during the first week of March; February Commissions will be paid out during the first week of April, and so on. This schedule ensures that our Affiliates are always being fairly compensated for the work they do each month.

Payment will be made in USD to the PayPal account associated with the payment email address which the Affiliate provided during registration. 

For each payout, the minimum amount is $100. If the total payout is less than this amount, it will be rolled over and added to your next payout.  If there is any change in the minimum amount for payout, Acowebs will inform the affiliate via email.

Rejected payments

Acowebs has the right to reject any referrals if the affiliate violates any of the affiliate terms. Below are some examples.

If Acowebs already paid the commission for any of those, Acowebs has the full right to deduct the same amount in future payments.


Acowebs is not responsible for any taxes that the Affiliate owes due to their relationship with Acowebs. The Affiliate is responsible for their own tax affairs.

Cookie expiry

The cookies we use to track the usage of referral links are only stored for 30 days. If a customer purchases a plugin after the cookie has expired, from another browser, or on a different device, then we won’t be able to pay out a commission


Approved promotional methods

By promoting our plugins, affiliates can add genuine value for readers and potential customers alike. The goal is to promote a product you like and believe in and then earn a commission as a reward. In this way, everyone wins! For example:

Prohibited promotional methods

Paid search

Our plugins can be promoted by bidding on keywords in search engines or on social media sites. but if you meet the following conditions:

Potential consequences

Joining the affiliate program means that you agree to follow these specific terms and conditions. If it is discovered that you are not adhering to these terms, then your access to the program will be disabled and any unpaid commissions will be rejected. Normally, you will be contacted if this happens, but if it is clear that you joined the program with the intention of breaking the rules, then we may not reach out to you.

License & intellectual property

By agreeing to these terms, the Affiliate is allowed to use the referral links and banners provided by Acowebs to promote their products and services. However, Acowebs still has full rights, ownership, and interest in these materials, as well as any copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property associated with them. These terms do not grant the Affiliate any rights, ownership, or interest in these materials or intellectual property aside from the ability to use them as specified in these terms.

Relationship of Parties

Registering as an affiliate with Acowebs will not create any sort of employment, agency, or partnership relationship between you and our company. As an affiliate, you will be promoting our products as an independent party and should know that you will not have the authority to enter Acowebs into any agreements on our behalf. In other words, you’re not our agent and shouldn’t act like one!

Affiliate’s representations and warranties

The Affiliate represents and warrants that:


The Affiliate agrees to compensate and defend Acowebs against any and all claims, damages, lawsuits, or other consequences arising out of any breach of the Affiliate’s warranties under these Terms. This includes any costs arising out of the Affiliate’s promotion of Acowebs’s products or services.


The terms of this agreement will go into effect as soon as the affiliate submits the registration form for the affiliate program. Either party may terminate the agreement at any time and for any reason, with or without notice. The affiliate will receive a commission for any transactions made through the referral link up until the date and time of termination.

After termination, the Affiliate may continue promoting Acowebs’s products and services (unless Acowebs specifically requests that this stops), however, they will no longer receive a commission for any transactions made through the referral link.

Removal of online information

The affiliate is expected to promote Acowebs’s products and services responsibly and accurately. Acowebs has the right to request the affiliate remove any online material relating to our products and services within 2 working days.

Limitation of liability

Acowebs will not be held liable for any resulting damages that may come from a loss of profits, costs, or indirect damages as a result of any service interruptions, suspensions, terminations, or any other breach of contract under these Terms.


If any section of these Terms is found to be unenforceable or invalid for any reason, the rest of the Terms will still apply.