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February 10 2020

How WooCommerce Online Business Growth Can be Made Faster?

Setting up an online business, the prime intent is to grow and monetize the same. Given the spectrum of online stores today, embarking on success is a difficult task, let alone driving growth and gene...

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February 5 2020

WordPress Coding Best Practices – 15 Suggestions for Website, Theme and Plugin Developers

WordPress, no doubt is one of the most widely used content management systems. The ease and flexibility offered by the platform are what make it the commonly preferred portal for website development. ...

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January 31 2020

Performance Evaluation and Optimization for SaaS-Based Applications

With technological revolution comes a phase where businesses need to migrate from the existing ecosystem to the one that is far more optimized. Consumer demands pace at a speed faster than ever, makin...

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January 20 2020

12 General Mistakes That WooCommerce Shop Owners Make and How to Avoid Them

When you run a WooCommerce store, you need to keep in mind multiple aspects. It is not just about attracting customers and selling a product, instead, it comprises of a plethora of things. From managi...

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January 16 2020

How Secure is MongoDB Database? An Ultimate Guide

In that article, we aim at looking at the data about the security of Mongo DataBase – a very popular no-SQL database – which is widely used all over the world. MongoDB has suffered from ma...

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January 13 2020

12 Tips and Checklist for Hiring a WordPress Development Company

Started as a blogging platform, WordPress has gained enormous attention from users across the globe. Call it the flexibility or the versatility as offered by the platform that today, it has grown from...

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January 9 2020

WordPress and Security – Is WP Good Enough for eCommerce Websites?

In your journey of online business whether new or ongoing, you might be pensive about how to proceed and specifically, from where. Given the range of choices available over the internet, finding one t...

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January 6 2020

How to Clean a WordPress Website That is Hacked?

No one ever wants to hear the message that “Your WordPress site has been hacked,” such words cause panic and stress you out with the fear of losing the business. Your hosting provider may emai...

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December 30 2019

Customizing WooCommerce With a Child Theme: A Simple Guide

After creating a WooCommerce child theme, we will guide you on how can you customize WooCommerce with a child, why it should be customized, and what are the prerequisites for the same. Among e-commerc...

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December 26 2019

How to Create a WooCommerce Child Theme?

In this article, we will guide you on how to customize the WooCommerce with a child theme. Before heading towards that, we will walk you through what a child theme is and why someone needs it.A child ...

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December 23 2019

Debunking the Famous WordPress Myths

Despite the fact WordPress is the most successful Content Management System (CMS) in use these days, there is still some sort of myths also about it. Some of them are from people who literally donR...

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December 21 2019

Enhance Buying Experience from Customers Using WooCommerce Product Addons

Starting your online journey with a WooCommerce store might have been one of the best decisions you made in your business life. Excellent designs, eye-catching product pages, and optimized description...

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December 13 2019

Javascript SEO – Challenges and Best Practices

The popularity of javascript frameworks and libraries is increasing every year. The majority of websites nowadays are using some web Javascript frameworks or libraries such as Angular, Vue.js, and Rea...

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December 6 2019

12 Common WordPress Errors and How to Fix Them

WordPress is the world’s most famous content management system (CMS) that lets you create websites without coding. There are approximately 75 million websites built with WordPress. WordPress itself ...

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November 25 2019

Top 3 WordPress SEO Plugins: Yoast SEO, Rank Math and SEOPress Comparison

As more web development has moved on WordPress and it has compassed 42% of all the existing websites, more dev companies have tended to it and started producing plugins for different walks. Search Eng...

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November 15 2019

How Scalable is WooCommerce?

A WooCommerce site is easy to setup and install. But over time, you have to invest in a lot of effort to make sure that it offers a seamless and enriching user experience. You would have to dedicate m...

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November 11 2019

WooCommerce to Power B2B E-commerce Websites

A number of online stores are being launched these days. Thanks to the growing number of e-commerce platforms and plugins, such as WooCommerce from WordPress that make online stores a success. Most of...

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October 23 2019

Why Choose WooCommerce for Your eCommerce Store?

According to sources, over 25% of all the best-selling online stores around the world are powered by WooCommerce and it is estimated that it has over 76,500,500 downloads. This means it is one of the ...

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October 19 2019

Top 3 WordPress Page Builders Compared – Elementor vs Divi vs Visual Composer

WordPress is a famous website content management system that supports 42% of all websites. Page builders like Elementor, Divi, and Visual composer have redefined WordPress. You can choose (or purchase...

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October 17 2019

All About Gutenberg Page Editor for WordPress

Gutenberg is a WordPress page editor plugin. WordPress users use it to design pages, posts, and products. It’s an update to WordPress classic editor, loaded with block navigation. Blocks compris...

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October 9 2019

What is WordPress REST API? How You Can Get Started by Using it?

If in the recent past you have spent some time in WordPress web development, then there is a strong chance that you are familiar with the WordPress REST API. You might not have any idea about WordPres...

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September 21 2019

What’s New in WordPress 5? Everything You Need to Know

After the much-hyped release of WordPress 5, WordPress 5.2 was released this year. Also, known as “Jaco”, you can now download it and install it with ease. As you might be aware, if you have check...

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September 17 2019

Breathe New Life into WooCommerce with Managed Hosting by Cloudways

Speed, security, and support are the three ‘S-pillars’ that every online business and website needs in order to be successful. And when it comes to managed hosting providers, you are given all the...

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August 26 2019

What is Angular? Features, Advantages & Disadvantages of Angular

The modern-day web development relies heavily on frameworks and libraries. The web is constantly growing technology and technologies related to it grows at a very fast rate. The frameworks and librari...

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August 22 2019

Features of React JS: Main Pros and Cons

Web development has grown rapidly in the past. The introduction of powerful frameworks and libraries has overtaken the general approach of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. These frameworks and libraries hav...

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