WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor and Manager

Woocommerce checkout field editor and manager plugin helps to manage the checkout page fields in WooCommerce Store. It’s drag and drop form builder helps editing checkout fields easier. It can use to modify or hide default woocommerce checkout fields.

  • 8+ Field Types
  • Edit Default Checkout Fields.
  • Add new Checkout Fields.
  • Change Order of the Fields.
  • Enable or Disable/Hide Checkout Fields.
  • Show in Order Details and Order Email.
  • Adjust the column width.
  • Set Custom CSS class.
  • Features

WCFE Fields

Fields Supported

Checkout field manager supports the following types of fields

  • Text Field – Input type text, Can use for single line texts
  • Email Field – Input type email
  • Password Field – Input type Password
  • Textarea – Textarea checkout field, Can use for entering multiline texts
  • Radio – Set radio fields to choose from
  • Paragraph – Paragraph field can be used to show instructions on checkout fields, It can use to show messages in between checkout fields
  • Header – Header fields can use to set html Header tag in woocommerce checkout fields, It provides h1 to h6 variations
WCFE Edit Fields

Edit Default Fields

Checkout field manager will help to edit the default woocommerce checkout fields

WCFE Edit Fields

Add new Fields

You can add new fields to checkout page

Change field's order

Change Field Order

It can drag and adjust the fields position

Enable or Disable checkout fields

Enable or Disable/Hide Checkout Fields

It can Enable or Disable WooCommerce checkout fields

Enable or Disable fields

Show in Order Detail and Order Email

Checkout fields filled by customer can be view on order details

Adjust Column Width

Adjust the column width

It can adjust to show fields in half width or full width in checkout page

Custom CSS class

Set Custom CSS class

It can set custom css class for individual checkout fields