WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor and Manager

Woocommerce checkout field editor and manager plugin helps to manage the checkout page fields in your WooCommerce Store. Its drag and drop form builder helps editing checkout fields easier. It can use to modify or hide default woocommerce checkout fields. This premium version gives a lot more features than its free version. Try it!

  • Drag and Drop Form Builder.
  • One-Click Field Edit Window.
  • 14+ Field Types.
  • Edit the Default WooCommerce Checkout Fields.
  • Enable Conditional Logic for the Checkout Fields.
  • Add New Checkout Fields.
  • Add New Sections.
  • Position the New Section to Almost 10 Places.
  • Change the Order of Display of Fields and Sections.
  • Enable or Disable/Hide Checkout Fields and Sections.
  • Duplicate Checkout Fields and Sections.
  • Show Fields in Order Details and Order Email.
  • Make 2 Column Layout(Width Adjust).
  • Set Custom CSS Class.

WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor is the best package to edit and manage checkout form fields. It is well-designed and coded under the trusted name of Acowebs.

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1 Year Updates - You will be receiving updates and support for 1 year. After that you can still use the plugin (as long as you want), but won't be receiving new updates.

Lifetime Updates- You will get all the updates as long as you use the plugin (we normally make multiple updates in a year including new features). And most importantly, you can be rest assured that plugin works perfectly with any new version of WooCommerce in future.

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  • Features

WCFE Edit Fields

Drop-Drown Form Builder

Checkout field editor and Manager has a user-friendly drop-down form builder at the back-end. Adding new fields and re-positioning the existing fields are not a big task now because of this behaviour of our form builder.

WCFE Edit Fields

One-Click Field Edit Window

The edit option for the fields will be shown at the right side of the window once you click on the field which you need to edit the existing properties. The field edit window consist of General, Advanced and Conditional option tabs.

Fields Drop-Down option

Fields Supported

Checkout field editor and manager supports the following list of fields;

  • Text Field – Single line input. Type can be text, password, phone or email.
  • Number Field – Input type number.
  • Text Area – Add text area field for long and multiline texts in the checkout form.
  • Select – Input type select. Same as the drop-down field.
  • Multi-Select – Allows the user to select multiple options from a drop-down.
  • Radio Group – Allows the user to choose one from many options.
  • Checkbox Group – Allows user to choose single or multiple from many options.
  • Color Picker – Choose color from the color picker.
  • Date – For selecting a Date.
  • Time – For selecting a Time.
  • Date Time – Date Time field allows user to select date and time in a single field.
  • File Upload – Allows the user to upload files to the checkout form.
  • Header – Header fields can use to set html Header tag in woocommerce checkout fields. It provides h1 to h6 variations.
  • Paragraph – Paragraph field can be used to show instructions on checkout fields. It can be used for showing messages in between checkout fields.
WCFE Edit Fields

Edit Default and New Fields

Checkout field manager helps the users to edit bith the already existing fields and newly added fields. The existing fields like First name, Last name, etc. have limited options to edit and newly added options have full edit options even delete it.

WCFE Edit Fields

Enable Conditional Logic

Conditional Logic is the recently added pro feature. It allows the customer to show or hide the fields based on a condition or a group of conditions. We hope this will be the most trending and useful utility that our plugin provides now.

Change field's order

Add New Checkout Fields

The basic feature of this plugin is to add new fields on the checkout form. This will let the product owner to know his customer more. There are different kind of field provided at the back-end get input from the customer.

Enable or Disable checkout fields

Add New Sections

This is also a pro feature. It will help you to add a new section of fields other than the default address fields or billing fields.

Enable or Disable fields

Positioning Sections

The newly added sections can be placed at different areas of the checkout field. There are 10 different places provided like before customer details, after customer details, before order notes, after billing form, etc.

Adjust Column Width

Order of Display of Fields and Sections

The display order of fields can be changed using the drag and drop option from the back-end. And the order of sections can be changed at the edit window of sections.

Custom CSS class

Enable or Disable/Hide Checkout Fields and Sections

Enabling and disabling/hiding field and section are provided at the respective edit window of each.

Adjust Column Width

Duplicate Checkout Fields and Sections

The plugin provides one click duplicate option for a field. You can see the duplicate button at the top-right side of each newly added field. Click on it to duplicate the field with all it's properties.

Custom CSS class

Show Fields in Order Details and Order Email

The fields can be shown or hidden from the Order details and the Order email. This option is enclosed within the Advanced tab of each field's edit option.

Adjust Column Width

2 Column Layout

This option let you adjust to show fields in half width or full width in checkout page. The option to change the width will show when you hover the mouse over each field.

Custom CSS class

Custom CSS Class

It can set custom css class for individual checkout fields. The classes can be later used for styling the fields.