Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to show the WCPA fields after the Add to Cart button?

    You can use the woocommerce_after_add_to_cart_button hook to show the WCPA form fields after the add to cart button. For example,

    add_filter('wcpa_display_hooks', function ($hooks) {

    $hooks["fields"] = ["woocommerce_after_add_to_cart_button", 10];

    return $hooks;

    Add the above code to functions.php file of your currently active theme's folder to show the fields after the button.

  • How to change the order of showing forms when you use multiple forms for a single product?

    You have 2 ways to change the form order on a single product page.

    1. You are able to change the published dates of each form from the form builder page. So change it in the ascending order of dates starting from the form that you need at the bottom. Remember, the most recent form will show first on the product page and so on. This is the simplest way.

    2. You need to add the below code to functions.php file of your active theme's folder.

    add_filter('wcpa_configurations', function ($settings) {

    $settings['wcpa_show_form_order'] = true;

    return $settings;

    This code will add a column next to each form and you are able to number it in the order you need to see it on the product page. The column will be seen at the Product data section of the product edit page(simply, it will be seen at the individual form allocation area to a product).

  • How to make the keyboard telephone-like for number field on mobile device?

    To make the keyboard with only numbers and a few symbols on a mobile/touch screen device, use the below code:

    add_action('wp_footer', function () {

  • Why the fields are showing twice on my single product page?

    This can be due to older version of WooCommerce. Please try updating to latest version of WooCommerce.
    If your WooCommerce is already up to date, the issue can be due to old WooCommerce template file included in your theme.

    You can try replacing the file manually as described below or ask support from your theme vendor.

    Please replace file;


    with this one;


  • Is there a way to add a form to a product individually, not for the entire category?

    Yes, you can assign a form to a single product individually. For this, go to the product edit page from back-end. Scroll down to Product data section, change tab to Custom product options and there you will find the form list. Tick a form which you need to assign to the product and save the changes.

  • Can I remove a category-wise assigned form from some of the products inside the same category?

    Yes, you can. There is an option inside each product page to assign forms to the product individually. You can see a configuration option "Exclude/Override globally assigned forms" under the forms list. This option let you override the category-wise assigned form from the current product only.