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Quick Start : Digital Ocean Spaces

This guide is set up to help you offload your WordPress Media Library to an Digital Ocean Space using Offload Media swiftly and promptly.

Logging into the Digital Ocean Control Panel 

In order to create access keys for spaces, you will need to log in to your pre-existing Digital Ocean Account from here.

If you don’t have a Digital Ocean account you can simply sign up from here

Creating Access Keys

After logging into your Digital Ocean control panel, the next step is to create access keys for spaces.

On the left-hand menu of the control panel, you will find the “Manage” section maneuver your way into the “Spaces” area which will load the “Manage keys” button on the top right then click on it.

You will need to select the Spaces Access keys section by scrolling down and eventually click on the Generate New Key button.

You will need to enter your preferred name for the new access keys and save it by clicking on the tick button

The next page will display you the security credentials for the access keys, consisting of an Access Key ID and a Secret Access Key. Digital Ocean will only show these credentials once, so it is advised to save them and keep them somewhere safe as you can only create a new set of keys from the console but cannot recover the secret key again.

Configure Plugin

After installation, maneuver your way to the admin page Offload media -> Configure 

You can see a welcome screen, By clicking on the Next button you will be redirected to a Service selection page,

You can choose the service that you want to configure on your WordPress site.

Here we choose Digital Ocean and forward the step by clicking the Next button.

Then, You can see a welcome screen of the Digital Ocean Spaces configuration. If you’re confused about the configuration you can go to our documentation page from this screen.

Click on the Next button to configure the service,

Now you will get a screen that looks like the below screenshot, Here you can enter the previously created credentials for the Digital Ocean Spaces configuration.

Then click on the button Next to verify the credentials that you are entered.

And in the next step, you will get a verified result page if it is successful you can click on to Save Configuration button to save the settings. If it fails to verify then you can go back and edit the credentials easily,

Finally, you are ready to offload the media

Happy Offloading

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