What is New in WooCommerce 3.5?

Posted on Jan 05, 2019
What is New in WooCommerce 3.5?

WooCommerce is a simple, powerful, and extendable e-Commerce platform for WordPress. If you need an absolute over your shop, how your shop looks? what all you need to sell? all the way through your features and scalability look no further. No matter what you are selling or how you are selling! Because possibilities are infinite and endless. So as you have seen the WooCommerce is now giving more features in the new arrival called WooCommerce 3.5! They are 100% compatible with WordPress.

Looking for what is new in WooCommerce 3.5?

The beta version 3.5 was released on September 12, 2018, and remained in beta until the RC on September 28, 2018. It is been tested internally, tested the extensions and themes, tested popular themes, made some updates Managed for clients real on preemption sites to detect any conflicts or errors before the public release and test the update on WooCommerce.com.
WooCommerce 3.5 has been released with lots of new features.

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New Features in WooCommerce 3.5


REST API v3 is the latest version of WooCommerce.This API has some new endpoints and in addition, highlights added to existing endpoints.
Among these are: The Date fields are currently editable on the items endpoint, and the endpoint has been refreshed to work with the “on backorder” stock status presented in WC 3.3.

A progression of new reports endpoints to get add up to tallies of requests, items, clients, coupons and audits and programmed add up to counts while applying or removing coupons in the requests endpoint. The new information endpoints to bring Continents, Countries, and Currencies. Providing discount line things through the API.

Through the line itemsQuery sort items by value, ubiquity, and rating. By stock_status these items and variations are provided. The Capacity to group refresh settings.

Improved Copy For Transactional Emails

Improved Copy For transactional emails

The default wording of the WooCommerce had updated recently. In that transactions through e-mails are provided as user-friendly and lower the robotic confirming.
This is the first phase of a larger initiative to improve WooCommerce’s emails and email content editing experience.

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See the features for store builders and developers

If you are building stores for customers or you are just developing WooCommerce, here are some new toys at your disposal:

  • The Action Scheduler library used by the WooCommerce Subscriptions add-on and other WooCommerce add-ons is now included in the WooCommerce kernel. Provides a robust and scalable backend processing solution for developers. In 3.5 webhooks are delivered using this library.
  • Support for complementing the characteristics of customized product tables. We are working on custom database tables to store product data and improve the performance and scalability of WooCommerce. This version adds the hooks and filters required by the function plug-in. Read more about this here.
    Support for the wc-admin plugin.
  • We are working on a modernization of the WooCommerce administrator’s experience. This version adds the API endpoints required by the function plug-in. Read more about this here.
  • Many new filters and actions to increase the customization of WooCommerce.
    In addition to the new features, there are a number of minor adjustments, new hooks, performance improvements and fixes in this minor version.
  • We will not go into details here, but if you’re interested you can see the complete list of changes in the readme file.

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See the features available for store owners

  • By the Category in the CSV exporter, it is possible to export the products.
  • Improvement in the payment accessibility of settings.
  • For individual products, you can able to set a low-stock threshold.

Deprecations in 3.5

Deprecations in woocommerce 3.5

The code WC_Form_Handler::order_again has deprecated.
Order management has been redone again and it is no longer necessary to call the method directly.

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The Template Changes in the File of 3.5

Template changes in woocommerce 3.5

All of the email templates have been updated with new wordings.

  • cart/cart-shipping.php
    used to improve in shipping calculator experience.
  • cart/mini-cart.php
    Used to remove the unnecessary nbsp from the template.
  • cart/shipping-calculator.php
    Use to Improve shipping calculator experience.
  • myaccount/form-edit-account.php
    Used for adding form tag hook.
  • myaccount/form-login.php
    Used for adding form tag hook.
  • notices/error.php
    Use notices through new wc_kses_notice function.
  • notices/notice.php
    Use to run notices through new wc_kses_notice function.
  • notices/success.php
    Use to run notices through new wc_kses_notice function.
  • order/order-again.php
    The refactored order again handling.
  • content-widget-product.php
    Used to add an extra check to prevent fatal errors when the global $product is not a
  • single-product-reviews.php
    Used to remove unnecessary aria-required attributes.

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