eCommerce Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Business

Posted on Jun 12, 2019
eCommerce Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Business
  • The first step is to create a strategy for e-commerce marketing.
  • To know about what is marketing is the next step!

What is E-Commerce Marketing?

The E-commerce marketing is like using various tactics to promote the product in a way as it is to drive more traffics to your online store, converting that traffic into customer those who pay. And then use those customers to post-purchase. It can have a great lead to the best marketing. It provides a full awareness, ultimately helps to increase sales through online; and also drive customers loyalty. Now you can get to know some of the ideas that make to increase sales through promotion to market your products.

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Top eCommerce Marketing Ideas To Increase Online Sales

Now you can get to know some of the ideas that make to increase sales through promotion to market your products.

1) Ask About the Content Which is User Generated

user generated content

It is possible for you to get data proofed details from the customers once visit the brand, they will have recommended to others. So by that feedback, it is a good way to market your products.

  • Products review
  • Customer stories

Etc must be read properly so if they have suggestions or any complaints you can make changes as it as concerned!

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2) Providing with the Latest Plugin

If you have the plugin like WooCommerce product addons it will be easy for the customers to choose their size, color and also by conditional logic are available. It will have almost 20+ fields. In that, the special feature is that the customers can have their own creation own products like T-shirts or on other products.

They can set their own wording with their own word limit and setting of logos. So with that type of providing will have profit to you too. Each word will have a fixed price. So such plugins also provide you and customer to be happy.  As for the developer-wise Colors can have different prices according to the customer requirement.

3) Host Giveaways

host giveaways

Corporations like E-commerce companies will set out a complete buzz by giveaways. Why? World Health Organization doesn’t love free stuff!

Hosting a giveaway is that it is an easy way to giving thanks to the conduct a promotion. Whereas they feature prizes, of course, determinate a winner doesn’t embody any type of judgment or selection method as it leads to marketing in a proper way. The ease of getting into creates a compelling pull, that helps inspire bigger participation. Promoting giveaways on your web site and via social media puts your complete ahead of latest eyes and grows your email list.

4) Providing Discounts and Coupons

It is one of the better ways to promote a Product. It will have more reach since it has discounts and using coupons it is another big offer to people who buy the products and they will forward such things to their loved ones since it has some loss to provider but at the same time, it will be profitable. For retail promotion, coupons have always a big role.

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5) Shopping Cart Abandonment Emails Can be Send

Shopping cart Abandonment emails can be send

You can use the Hubspot which is a type of CRM which is professionally customized emails to the shopper who has abandoned the carts.  You can also consider Hubspot alternatives if you need more advanced features other then email marketing. At this point, you have to start the use of marketing tricks through email marketing.

6) Sending Mails to Customers as Early as Possible

 Sending those emails often like it should be almost up to two or three emails to a customer in a month. You should have the proof to social like reviews of customers rating of products etc. You should need to send the discounts, not by your 2nd or 3rd mail.

7) Get Back Old Customers Through the Re-marketing Process

get back those old customers through the remarketing process

It is through social media like FB, Google etc provides an opportunity to get track of the site’s activities. A code with simple string will have provision with lots of information on your customer potential. As an example that social media trends like FB are providing a better opportunity that they can campaign with re-marketing.

Even the customer still has not purchased them after few days given then you can boost those ads efficiency by proving them with coupon codes.

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8) Create a Blog Post with the Highest Efficiency

All you have to do is posting the blogs regarding the products very simple and creative way providing images, in that you can give backlinks so that the traffic can increase and search volume of the proper usage of keyword also provide you with the proper increase and reach. It should be creative in the way that the visualization makes those content to read, so you have to set the pictures according to in an interesting way.

9) Provide Customers with some Interesting Challenges

Provide Customers with some interesting challenges

Another way to get the customers to buy your product is by providing some interesting challenges. By giving a month challenge be like if the product is clothes, provides with a challenge that makes the audience to take part in that, challenges may include that customers can make their own outfits of the day and post on your page. The best combinations should have any discounts on their product while shopping.

10) Share the Content that is User Generated

Share the contents like the positive feedback that the customers have given. If they share any images regarding their happiness of using your product, with the help of their permission repost them on your social media pages. Because the audience may have stick on the true and positive. That will helps to improve your sales. By such user-generated contents helps the customers to buy and built trust in your products. Its to get trust for an e-commerce site. Once you gain those trust you will have more sales.

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11) Make Sales Based on Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Make sales based on Black FridayCyber Monday

These are famous days in the U.S. They are providing many discounts, coupons sales, etc. Deep discounts are the specialty of these days, so the customers may eagerly waiting for this day to be present. So you should provide the customers with the best discount coupons, During such international days, especially if you are an international company you must have to provide such details during those days. That will make a reach, as well as your site, get notified.

12) What About Mobile Advertising?

This is an important way to socialize your site. People may notify the sites that are shared through WhatsApp, Instagram so does maximum promoting through phones. People may get time to notify these advertisements while they are traveling or they are waiting for someone, they need to spend those time on checking their mobiles. So you can utilize those time for you in such a way.

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13) Buy One Get One Offer Trending

Buy One Get One Offer trending

All of the customers may check the offers like buy one get one. So it is important that you should have to set an offer like buy one get one as if they are providing to many sites. This will make an interest for customers to purchase many. Be notified among the customers should be your target. Don’t try to use local products more.

14) Set a Beautiful and Creative FAQ Page

The area which you get lots of visitors to your e-commerce. So do maximum creations on that page and get notified!

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