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Field Options

1. General Field Options

This category discuss the options listed for every field in common. There are a lot of options for fields to edit. Let’s check it out what they are;

  • Field Name: It indicates the name of the field.
  • Enable/Disable field: You can tick it to show the selected field or un-tick it to hide it from the checkout page.
  • Field Placeholder: Set a placeholder for a better understanding of the user what this field needs.
  • Is Required: The user to be filled the field mandatorily by ticking it.
  • Field Name: This must be a unique name and it is for referring this field in the code. No spaces and special characters allowed other than underscore.
  • Field Default Value: You can set a default value for the field here. It will be shown in the field as it’s value. But the customer can change it. The default value will override the placeholder.
  • Element ID: It is a pre-set unchangeable default value for a field to identify the field uniquely.
  • Select Type: This option is uniquely available for the Text and Header fields. You can select the one option from the various options like Text, Email, Password, and Phone in the case of Text field. And H1 to H6(sizes) is the options in the case of Header field.
  • Sync Options With Base Language: The option is only available with Select and Radio fields. It allows you to set the options to be synchronized with the base language of the site.
  • Options: You can add as many options you want for the Select and Radio fields. The Label shows the display name and the Value holds its value. The label and value may be the same or different. Value is not referring to the pricing of the field.

2. Advanced Options

The advanced options tab for the fields discuss the advanced options available for the fields.

  • Custom Class Name: It allows you to add a custom class for the fields. You are now able to make styling for the field using custom CSS after adding a custom class.
  • Show this Field in Order Email? : This option allows you to select whether you need to add the field in the order email or not.
  • Show this Field in Order Details Page? : Asking permission to add the field in the order details page too.
  • Max Length: The unique option for Text field and Text Area field. Sets the maximum character length for a text field.
  • Rows: Option which is only for the Text Area field. Asking how many rows you want to set for the text area field. Literally, it sets the height of the text area field.
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