Looking for Beta Testers for WooCommerce Product Addons latest version (Free)

Posted on May 23, 2023
Looking for Beta Testers for WooCommerce Product Addons latest version (Free)

As you may know, WooCommerce Product Addons plugin by Acowebs is one of the best Product Addons plugins in the WordPress plugin repository, with 30K+ active installs since its launch 5 years back.

As we are always dedicated to improving the quality and features of our WooCommerce Product Addon plugin, we decided to restructure the entire plugin code base and make it even more advanced and comprehensive by incorporating our experience gained for over 5 years maintaining this plugin and hearing feedback from our customers.

Further to this, after many months of hard work from our team, we were able to release a new version of our Woocommerce Product Addons pro plugin  – version 5.x.x  – which was successfully released to many of our pro users. And the feedback we get is very encouraging, as they all are happy with the stunning new features and the UX of the new version of our plugin.

And now we have decided to release the new free version as well, matching with this pro version, with many more advanced features than our current free version.

But as the free version of our new plugin is still in a beta stage, we don’t want to release it directly in the WordPress plugin directory, as it will instantly show an update notice to all active users, and chances are there that it can break live sites for some of those who update it.

So we thought about releasing a beta version before publishing it in the WordPress.org plugin repository.

You can download the beta version here WooCommerce Product Addons

Report bugs and suggestions at – Contact US

You can read more about the new version here https://acowebs.com/guideline/plugin-docs-faqs/wcpa/upgrade-to-product-addon-version-5-x-important-update-for-users/