Top 8 PPC Ad Networks That Every E-commerce Business Needs

Posted on Oct 05, 2020
Top 8 PPC Ad Networks That Every E-commerce Business Needs

When it comes to PPC advertising, the advertiser needs to pay each time the user clicks the ad and visits the advertiser’s site. For the publishers, they earn something when the user clicks the ad.

In fact, PPC advertising is amongst the most preferred advertising methods in the world of online advertising.

Nowadays, the majority of publishers and advertisers have shifted their attention to PPC advertising. Moreover, PPC ad networks are critical tools for e-commerce business owners who want to generate more leads and sales.

PPC ad networks act as the bridge connecting publishers and advertisers. Here, pay-per-click ad networks are third parties between publishers and advertisers.

Most advertisers invest in PPC ad networks because they’re after generating more leads for their various services or products. These advertisers invest in ads depending on the type of PPC ad network.

For publishers, they invest in PPC ad networks because they’re after earning money. They place ads on the websites they own and get paid in the form of pay-per-click.

Therefore, PPC ad networks are crucial tools both to the publishers and advertisers.

But now, how can you locate the best PPC ad network for your e-commerce business? Worry no more! In this post, you’ll come across the top 8 PPC ad networks that every e-commerce business needs.

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Let’s get started!

1.  Google Ads


Google Ads falls under the category of the most-used PPC ad networks. This advertising service is offered by Google to help e-commerce businesses and many other companies in displaying ads on the publisher’s site and Google.

In the case of Google ads, the ads appear on the uppermost side of the results page of Google. Other than this, Google ads display local-searched ads, images, and text.

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For the advertisers, they can utilize the AdWords Program in setting an advertising budget and release the payments when the potential audience clicks the ads.


Note that Google Ads focuses primarily on Keywords, and they trigger the ad to appear on search engines.

When users click the AdWords ads, they get directed to the website of the advertiser. You need to choose a bid amount for the cost per click for each selected keyword.

This bid amount gives information about what you’re ready to pay when a user clicks the ad. A high bid amount for cost per click increases the chances of your ad appearing on the first page of Google search results.

2. Facebook Ads


With Facebook ads, the advertisers get an opportunity of using several unique targeting choices that they can’t find in any other place.

Instead of concentrating on specific keywords, Facebook ads allow advertisers to dig deeper and focus on the likes and interests of an individual.

Therefore, Facebook ads are a bit different compared to traditional PPC ad networks.


Facebook ads are also the best for e-commerce businesses because they are hard to block. As a result, Facebook ads play a pivotal role in increasing the exposure of the ads.

In the case of other PPC ad networks like Google AdWords, a small adblocking plugin can remove the paid advertisement on the first page of the search results.

This PPC ad network is not the perfect option for advertisers who’re after the most views for their hard-earned money.

With Facebook ads, sponsored posts, and promoted posts are easily merged into the news feeds of the users, marking it a lot challenging to block them. As a result, Facebook ads enhance more exposure and clicks.

Facebook ads added Instagram to their network, meaning you can use this PPC ad network for advertising on this newest platform, Instagram. As a result, this feature helps a lot in increasing the reach of this PPC ad network.

Also, the feature makes it easy to access the potential audiences who run adblocker and don’t have a Facebook account.

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3. Google AdSense


Google AdSense is another excellent PPC ad network for e-commerce businesses. Google AdSense is the perfect option for this case because it has many advertisers.

Therefore, with Google AdSense, you stand at a better position of delivering high-quality and relevant ads that bring more money and high CTR.

With Google AdSense, you get a chance of displaying ads, suiting the interests of your potential audience. For this ad network, the advertiser gets paid when the user clicks the advertisement on their website.

However, it’s hard for one to get approved by Google AdSense. The publisher needs to fulfill the conditions that Google AdSense has laid out.

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4. AdRoll

Retargeting campaign is the primary focus of AdRoll. It is the perfect PPC ad network to invest in if you’re looking for one that can generate more leads and sales.

With AdRoll, you’ll have an easy way of accessing potential audiences on CNN, Facebook, and many more places.


AdRoll features several attribution tools needed to make adjustments to the campaign. This PPC ad network works excellently with popular reporting tools, e-commerce stores, and marketing platforms.

Some of the advertisers of this PPC ad network include Moz, Salesforce, GoPro, and much more. In the case of a basic version, this PPC ad network provides retargeting both behavioral and content.

The affiliate network of this PPC ad network includes desktop, social media mobile version, mobile ads, Yahoo, website mobile version, Google, and Yahoo.

5. LinkedIn Ads


LinkedIn allows professionals to create connections with each other. LinkedIn has over 600 million users, meaning it is the perfect option for advertising the services of your e-commerce business.

LinkedIn targeting allows the advertiser to target the potential audience depending on factors like function, job title, and industry.

As a result, LinkedIn is the perfect option for a professional market without considering if you’re after event registrations, improving brand awareness, and increasing conversations.

A PPC ad on LinkedIn

This PPC ad network provides users with several ad formats such as in-mail messages and sponsored content.

Other than this, this PPC ad network allows you to set the amount you wish to spend and select between CPC pricing and CPM pricing.

As a result, these features make these ads flexible and the perfect option for many e-commerce business owners.

In general, LinkedIn ads are the right choice to go for if you plan to access decision-makers in an e-commerce business.

6. Twitter Ads


Twitter ads allow you to achieve the goals of your e-commerce business. With this PPC ad network, you’ll get an easy way of accessing the potential audience.

This PPC ad network makes this possible by promoting your e-commerce business tweets.

Twitter marketing helps a lot in growing your eCommerce community of potential followers. This PPC ad network makes it possible to drive word of mouth by boosting your twitter.

Another excellent feature of these Twitter ads is that they enhance the measurement of your ads in real-time. It also allows you to determine how your potential audiences engage with each of your tweets.

Other than this, Twitter ads make it possible to target the potential audience based on device, gender, interests, or geography.

For Twitter ads, you make payment only when the users click the promoted Tweet, follow your twitter account, follow your retweet, or like your twitter account.

Also, this PPC ad network has no minimum spend. It allows one to start and stop the ads at any time.

7. Bing Ads

Bing ads allow you to get your e-commerce site in front of potential audiences whenever looking for your services or products. With Bing ads, you stand in a better position to access the target audience.

This PPC ad network is the most preferred for e-commerce businesses because its share in the search engine market is over 30 per cent. Also, this ad network is the perfect option because its monthly searches stand at around five billion.


You’ll find the Bing ads appearing at the upper side and lower side of the website page. Another unique feature with Bing ads is that they look almost similar to the standard search results.

Also, note that the Bing ads depend on the search term used by the user searching on the search engine of Bing.

Moreover, with the Bing ads, you’ll have access to the ‘auction’ that determines the ads to appear on the SERPs. However, when advertising, you pay only when the user clicks the ad.

Other than this, Bing ads allow you to set the amount to spend on advertising, such as the monthly budget or maximum daily budget.

Furthermore, Bings ads allow you to check the number of potential audiences who interacted with the ad. Also, Bing ads result in lower costs-per-click and better ad positions.

8. YouTube Ads


YouTube has over one billion users, and they watch several videos every day. As a result, this explains why YouTube is amongst the popular search engines in the world.


With YouTube, you get a chance of targeting users who have taken part in actions like commenting. Also, this search engine allows you to access potential audiences with relevant interests.

Other than this, YouTube is the network to use if you want to find individuals who watched a video without subscribing.

Moreover, YouTube ads allow you to enjoy the targeting options offered by Google ads and Display network. You can find the targeted video ads in the search results of YouTube, besides the video being played.

For these ads, you make payments only when the user views the ad for thirty seconds or more. You don’t make payments if the user skips the ad.

Final Thoughts

We hope you found the best PPC ad network for your e-commerce business. Hesitate no more! Invest in any of these PPC ad networks and stand at a better position of driving a positive ROI, boosting your email list, and generating more leads. 

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