WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing With Discount Rules

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WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing With Discount Rules

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing With Discount Rules, the best way to add discounts based on a range of unconditional and considerable criterias to set with a sophisticated user interface which makes your efforts much easier.

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    Simple to use, powerful results

    • Discount Rules – Set discount rules with option to select from different discount types
    • User Restrictions – Apply discount based on user roles, number of orders, amount spent, last order amount etc. Can also set discount for individual users
    • Schedule – Schedule discounts for upcoming dates, days
    • Pricing Table – Display pricing tables for quantity based discounts
    • Sale Badges / Timers – Set timers / sale badges for products on sale
    • WPML and PolyLang Support
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    Percentage / Fixed price discounts

    Discount can be of two types, Percentage and Fixed Price. The percentage discount will deduct a cretain percentage of amount from the Product price/Cart total. And the Fixed price will reduce a fixed amount from the Product price/Cart total.


    Discount on Product Price, Cart Total & Quantity

    WDP allows you to set discount on different modules such as Product Price, Cart Total, Product Quantity, Number of Items in Cart, etc. The original price will struck off and the new discounted price will come there as the product price for product price discounts. The discount will only be shown at the cart for the cart based discounts. And the discount will be shown as a Pricing Table for the Quantity or range based discounts.


    Gifting Products as discount

    WDP Pro version brings an option to add a product as a gift. You can gift products for the first order, buy from a category, spend a fixed money, cart total, product price… The gift can be any product which is already added in the list of products.


    Buy X Get X – BOGO Rules

    This feature allows you to add a percentage offer/ free offer when the customer buy a certain amount of product. It is really as same as the buy one get offer. You can decide how many of the products customer want to buy and how many products need to get by buying that many items. We also have options to set discounts for the cheapest product in the cart, set discount for every nth quantity of a product etc.


    User Restrictions

    The discounts can be regulated with respect to the User Roles. The roles may be Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, Subscriber, Customer, Shop Manager or any user defined roles. You can also set discount for a selected user from the user list.


    Usage Limit for Discounts

    You can set usage limits. The usage limit allows you to set limit for the total number of times discount rules can be used or can set different usage limits for different user roles.


    Product list for applying discounts

    By default, the discount is applied to all products. But instead, you can create a list of products which can include or exclude any products. Even you can add a category and remove some of the products in that category using this option.


    Shortcode for listing the active discounts

    The shortcode option allows you display the list of active discounts. The active discounts list may include the list of products included in that discount. You can add description about the discount also.


    Conditions for applying discounts

    These conditions restrict the discounts from applying without certain conditions are met. You can add conditions on Product, User, or Cart Item. And you can also use multiple conditions for a discount.


    Scheduling discounts

    Discount scheduling is a feature of WDP. It allows you to set a schedule for a discount with a start date and end date. Also it has a feature of adding schedule for specific days of a week only.


    Pricing table on product page

    You can display a pricing table on the single product page. It will show up when you add a range of discounts on quantity. The table may be horizondal or vertical as per the option you have selected.



    • Wordpress Verison:
      4.4 OR HIGHER
    • WPML / Polylang compatible
    • Languages
    • Released
    • Woocommerce Version:
      3.6.X OR HIGHER
    • Version
    • Translation ready
    • PHP version
      5.6 OR HIGHER

    Free version features

    • Percentage / Fixed price discounts.
    • Discounts based on Product Price.
    • Discounts based on Cart Total.
    • Discounts based on number of items on Cart.
    • Discounts on all products in a category.
    • WooCommerce discount based on quantity.
    • WooCommerce dynamic pricing table.
    • Discounts on specific products.
    • Exclude selected products from discounts.
    • Quantity or range based discounts.
    • Apply discount only if cart or product meets certain criteria / rules.
    • Schedule discounts on upcoming dates.
    • Set discounts on multiple date ranges (set multiple start and end dates).
    • Show pricing table on product details page.
    • Option to customize pricing table titles, border color etc.
    • Restrict or limit discount rules to selected product list.
    • Restrict discount rules for registered users.

    Premium Version Features

    • All features on Free version
    • Gift options – option to add a specified product as gift or allowing users to select from a set of gift items.
    • Buy one get one offers on products / categories
    • Apply discount to cheapest product in cart
    • Apply discount to nth quantity (eg: Buy 3 get 50% off on the 4th item) or on n quantities (eg: Buy 5 get discount on 4 items)
    • User restrictions – apply discount based on user roles, number of orders, amount spent, last order amount or set discount for individual user.
    • Discount based on shipment / payment methods
    • Usage limits – option to set usage limits for specific user roles / selected users / discount rules
    • Option to set weekend discounts / deals
    • Shortcode for listing discount rules
    • Customizable sale badges
    • Discount timer with selectable timer styles

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    Best plugin for WooCommerce the PRO version to recommend
    Best plugin for WooCommerce the PRO version to recommend
    February 28, 2020

    WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing With Discount Rules, the best way to add discounts based on a range of unconditional and considerable criterias to set with a sophisticated user interface which makes your efforts much easier.

    Superb! Get the PRO version, it’s worth it.
    Superb! Get the PRO version, it’s worth it.
    February 29, 2020

    WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing With Discount Rules, the best way to add discounts based on a range of unconditional and considerable criterias to set with a sophisticated user interface which makes your efforts much easier.

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    = 5.0.0 =
    • Support for WooCommerce 6.1
    • Added fixed discount option for BOGO rules
    • Removed logged in check for User / User Role Restrictions
    • [Bug Fix]: Warning fix
    • [Bug Fix]: Variable price view issue
    = 4.0.4 =
    • Sale Badges: added option to select a rule
    • Support for WordPress 5.8.1
    • Added WPML Support for Pricing Table
    = 4.0.0 =
    • Support for WordPress 5.8.0
    • [Bug Fix]: Pricing table admin error fix
    • [Bug Fix]: Rules and restrictions not getting applied
    = 4.0.0 =
    • Major update (discount calculation method optimized for faster loading)
    • Compatibility issues fix
    • Added support for Acowebs Custom Products Addons Plugin
    • Support for Woocomerce 5.5.1 and WordPress 5.7.2
    • Added support for PHP 8.x.x
    • [Bug Fix]: Rest API Warnings
    = 3.4.0 =
    • Added variation selection for product list
    • Support for WooCommerce 5.0.0 and WordPress 5.6.1
    = 3.3.7 =
    • Support for WooCommerce 4.7.1
    = 3.3.6 =
    • [Bug Fix]: Warning Fix
    = 3.3.5 =
    • Support for WooCommerce 4.7.0 and WordPress 5.5.3
    • [Bug Fix]: Product List selection not working on \'Buy X get X discount applied on cheapest product\'
    = 3.3.4 =
    • Support for WordPress 5.5.1 and WooCommerce 4.5.1
    • [Bug Fix]: Shortcode bug fix
    • [Bug Fix]: Discount not getting applied when discount label have special characters
    = 3.3.3 =
      [Bug Fix]: Warning Fix
    = 3.3.2 =
    • Option added for skipping pricing rules if already applied
    • [Bug Fix]: Shortcode not displaying BOGO products
    = 3.3.1 =
    • Support for WordPress 5.5.0 and WooCommerce 4.4.1
    • [Bug Fix]: Product list not working in multilingual sites ( WPML )
    = 3.3.0 =
    • UI enhancements
    • Support for WooCommerce 4.3.1
    • [Bug Fix]: Discount getting applied to all products when Product List Type is not selected
    = 3.2.2 =
    • [Bug Fix]: Discount getting applied to all products when Product List Type is not selected
    = 3.2.1 =
    • Added discount daily limit options
    • Restricted plugin css to load only on plugin related pages
    • UI enhancements
    • * [Bug Fix]: Tax fix
    = 3.1.6 =
    • * [Bug Fix]: Tax fix
    • Added separate timepicker for Schedule
    • UI enhancements
    • Support for WordPress 5.4.1 & WooCommerce 4.1.0
    • UI enhancements
    • [Bug Fix]: Gift section
    = 3.1.6 =
    • [Bug Fix]: Schdeduler not working on safari web browser
    • [Bug Fix]: Bogo rule category selection fix
    = 3.1.5 =
    • * Performance enhancements
    • * Added new feature for quantity type discount, now all variations of a product can be considered as a single product quantity.
    • * [Bug Fix]: Discount applied message appears every time when a products gets added to the cart
    • * Support for WordPress 5.4
    = 3.1.2 =
    • * Support for WooCommerce 4
    • * [Bug Fix]: Discount not getting applied on sale price
    = 3.1.1 =
    • * Performance enhancements
    • * Buy X Get X - Repeat option added for buy x get x rules (Buy X Get Y and Buy X Get X -Same Product)
    • * [Bug Fix]: Sale badges not getting displayed on some themes
    = 3.1.0 =
    • * Added countdown timer for discounts
    • * Added option to set discount based on payment methods / shipment methods
    • * Added option for changing pricing table border color
    • * Added option to restrict discount rules for registered customers
    • * Added new options for Bogo rules - option to apply discount to nth item, discount for n items, cheapest product.
    • * Set discount to a product if users previous order contains a selected product
    • * Now pricing table can display both value and price at the same time
    • * [Bug Fix]: Variable products price strikeout not getting displayed
    = 3.0.8 =
    • * Added compatibility with Woocommerce Multi Currency Plugin
    = 3.0.7 =
    • * [Bug Fix]: Variable product strikeout issue
    • * [Bug Fix]: Bogo cart display price fix
    • * Added user selection, now you can set discounnts for selected users
    • * [Bug Fix]: Bogo - Variable products
    • * Added sale badges
    • * Added support for addons plugin
    • * Added a new option for quantity based discounts
    • *Added pricing table for cart quantity discounts
    • * Now cart quantity discounts shows the individual discount on cart items
    • * [Bug Fix]: Pricing table value when tax is enabled
    • * [Bug Fix]: Gift getting added more than once
    • * [Bug Fix]: Bogo - Buy X get X fix
    • * [Bug Fix]: Quantity discount showing 0 as product price on cart
    • * [Bug Fix]: Warning fix (notice)
    • * [Bug Fix]: Bogo rules not getting applied
    • * 2019-10-31
    • * Pro-version release
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    Frequently asked questions

    • Where can I get the free version of Plugin ?
    • How to do Plugin Upgrade to Pro version?
    • Do you offer lifetime license or Annual Subscription License?
    • What is your refund policy?
    • IS Woocommerce Product Addons compatible with WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing?
    • What is the advantage of Lifetime License?
    • Is it possible to upgarde to Lifetime License?
    • Hello, does this integrate with the Elementor Product Page Builder?
    • Where can find license key
    You can download the plugin free version from the given link :-

    Once the pro license is purchased ,login to https://acowebs.com/my-account/. Select Purchase History tab. You can see the list of Purchased Plugins. Download the plugin Zip file and License key file from there.

    To add the download plugin and activate ,please refer to the below  link.

    You need to deactivate the trail plugin first before activating the premium version.

    We offer both,you can go for either Annual Subscription license or Lifetime license.

    We assure a full 30 day money back Guarantee.

    Please contact us to request a refund within the first 30 days of purchase.

    Both are partially compatible.We cannot guarantee you 100% compatibility. Chances for conflict among the plugins exist.

    It is basically a perpetual license scheme which makes you eligible to enjoy all our features updates unlimited and ensured compatibility with all new versions of wooCommerce.

    Yes, You can easily upgrade to lifetime license , if you don’t wish to pay annually for Plugin. This ensures that you can continue receiving plugin updates and support. You can find upgrade option at in your account page

    Yes, Our plugins provides support with Elementor Page Builder

    Once the purchase completed, you will receive an order receipt email. You can find the license key on this email

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    It is possible to add fields to items whose customized values are going to be saved in the WooCommerce order by category in a seamless way, it is exceedingly good. Plus it is coded in a clean and modular manner.

    Luis Leal
    Luis Leal

    First of all, loved the React-based UI – simple yet fully functional.
    Loved the way they provide support – quick and to-the-point. Thanks for the customer-focused support.
    Long live the journey.

    Mayeenul Islam
    Mayeenul Islam

    We are very glad that we found this plugin.
    We had a problem which was fixed very fast.
    Thank you very much!


    I searched for a day and finally found this plugin. It’s definitely the best I’ve ever tried! Simple, convenient and useful. Thank you!

    Omer Faruk
    Omer Faruk

    The plugin does what it says and much more than expected. I needed support and the support chat was nice and very helpful. I’m using the premium version, but it’s really worth it!


    This is by far the best product addons plugin I know. And I have tried them all by now I guess. And not only that, but the support is outstanding and without a doubt the best I’ve seen for any plugin. Highly recommended!


    Great service. I needed a special fix on the plugin. When I bought it and they helped me in less than 24 hours to do what I wanted for my website.


    I rarely post reviews about a plugin. But I just bought the PRO version. And I must admit that it corresponds perfectly to what I was looking for. This plugin has a lot of potentials, and I am sure it will evolve well over the versions.


    This is by far the best product addons plugin I know. And I have tried them all by now I guess. And not only that, but the support is outstanding and without a doubt the best I’ve seen for any plugin. Highly recommended!


    I downloaded and configured my first custom field in a matter of minutes. Thank you for providing a simple but effective solution for this! It’s developers that contribute to the free WordPress plugin repository.


    This plugin is awesome and is the best option that I have founded for work with product-addons. The support is very fast by chat in their website. The free version even include WPML support! Excellent!


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