How To Increase Your E-commerce Sales Using Social Media Influencers

Posted on Oct 20, 2020
How To Increase Your E-commerce Sales Using Social Media Influencers

All e-commerce businesses need a robust social media presence to remain competitive in the modern market.

Yes, most e-commerce businesses use traditional marketing methods, but the rapid growth of social media channels, and those using them have opened new options for product placement.

With social media platforms, any e-commerce business can establish strong relationships with their potential audiences and build trust.

Currently, e-commerce businesses can use influencer marketing to maximize all the marketing opportunities offered by social media networks.

With this strategy, all e-commerce businesses can easily access many potential customers and improve their overall brand presence.

But, how can you increase your e-commerce sales using social media influencers? Keep reading this in-depth post to get pivotal tips on how to make this a reality.

Who Is A Social Media Influencer?


A social media influencer is an expert in a particular domain, a trustable public figure, or any individual who can guide their followers via word of mouth, content, or experience.

Note that any individual can be a social media influencer. A social media influencer can be a celebrity or individual with many followers on their social media profiles.

Currently, there are many social media influencers that e-commerce businesses can engage with. Some of the individuals with influence on the public include YouTubers, Instagram influencers, bloggers, and many more.

However, note that social media influencers are not a perfect fit for all e-commerce businesses. Therefore, it’s crucial to take your time before selecting a social media influencer to avoid ruining the image of your brand.

Influencer marketing entails creating a relationship between an influencer and an e-commerce business. As an e-commerce store owner, you need to use the persuasion of the influencer to access an engaged and highly targeted audience that follows their social media pages.

A social media influencer can market your product or service using their established social channels. They make this possible by using various influencer marketing strategies.

But how can you select the right social media influencer? Worry no more! Here are the critical tips on how to make this possible:

1. Don’t let the celebrities to be your top priority in all cases

In most cases, you will find many individuals following the social media profiles of personalities. But it is crucial to take your time and ensure you choose only the celebrities who talk to your potential audience.

2. Never pick a social media influencer depending on the number of their followers

Selecting a social media influencer depending on their followers is not the right step to take. Remember, one can gain followers on their social networks using various ways.

Therefore, having several followers is not a clear indication that those are real users.

In fact, the right social media influencers don’t have several followers. Therefore, you need to select a social media influencer who’s appealing to your potential audience.

The best social media influencer must be an expert on your niche or industry.

A social media influencer has a tight community of real/engaged followers that trust in all their opinions and take them as experts. The primary characteristics of the audience of influencers include highly engaged, small, and niche.

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How To Increase Your E-commerce Sales Using Social Media Influencers


With influencer marketing, your e-commerce business stands at a better position of yielding more than ten times higher ROI compared to the traditional marketing method.

Research shows 31% of people buy something because of the influence they get from influencers and celebrities. Thus, this indicates that customers follow influencers who have an interest in the products they like.

Today, e-commerce businesses are in a better position of enjoying the outstanding benefits associated with influencer marketing.

As an e-commerce business owner, you can increase your sales and new brand advocates by collaborating with the ideal social media influencer.

Below are the top-notch ways on how you can boost your e-commerce sales using social media influencers:

1. Select a social media influencer who meets the needs of your business

Note that all social media influencers are not the right choice for your e-commerce business. Therefore, take your time to select the best social media influencer who represents your specific niche.

select-a-social-media-influencer-who-meets-the-needs-of-your business

Always consider choosing a social media influencer who has specialized in your field. Through this, you’ll end up selecting a trustable influencer who understands your potential audience.

Also, consider selecting a social media influencer who has highly-engaging followers. Through this, you’ll end up choosing a social media influencer who helps your e-commerce business to generate more sales.

Other than this, consider checking the number of times the influencer sends updates to their followers. In the case of a blogger, you need to check the number of times they publish new blog posts.

Note that your potential audience needs to get several updates before they take action.

2. Affiliate programs

‘Commissions’ is the word that comes into mind whenever we talk about influencer affiliate programs. Commissions are the primary things that run all affiliate marketing programs and today, there are plenty of affiliate marketing tools that can help you scale up your business and efficiency.


But, how does influencer affiliate marketing work? Worry no more! The working principle of influencer affiliate marketing is straightforward and to the point.

Influencer affiliate marketing entails creating a mutually beneficial deal between an influencer and an e-commerce business. In this case, the social media influencer gets a commission after influencing their followers.

Here, you need to give the social media influencer a percentage of all sales you attribute to them. You need to provide them with an upfront payment all the time they drive sales to your e-commerce business.

Affiliate programs are the right paths to follow because social media influencers work extra to get higher commissions. However, you’re going to generate more sales if the influencer understands your niche well.

Remember that consumers can quickly tell when someone wants to sell or when someone has confidence that the product or service functions as needed. It is always pivotal to choose the second option. If you want to brush up on your affiliate marketing skills before making a financial commitment to a social media influencer, consider choosing one of these top affiliate marketing courses.

3. Select social media influencers who utilize value and content to build customer trust

As an e-commerce store owner, you’re required to set aside much of your energy, time, and resources in building your customer trust. The reason here is that most customers don’t have confidence in online brand messaging.

Social media influencers can assist you in making this a reality by creating and boosting customer relationships and the image of the company.

In most cases, social media influencers can do this by using a relatable and more personalized approach.

Other than this, social media influencers can drive your potential audiences by using friendly and helpful interactions and providing value. However, providing value is not an easy task when it comes to influencer marketing.

Sharing helpful, actionable, and expert content is one way through which social media influencers can generate traffic. They need to clarify things efficiently and engagingly so that the potential audiences can perceive the content to be valuable.

4. Boosting the posts of social media influencers

Let this strategy be your top priority if you want to build your brand awareness. In this case, you need to take advantage of the influencer’s content to promote the products or services you offer.


You can use paid efforts to boost these influencer posts. Through this, you’ll amplify your reach and even access more potential audiences. Also, you have the option of including a CTA on the influencer’s post.

However, ensure that it calls for a particular action from the audience. For example, you can add a ‘shop now’ option in the influencer’s post since you aim to generate more sales.

Remember, you need permission from the influencer to use their content and market your e-commerce business.

5. Product Collaborations

Product collaborations play a pivotal role when it comes to generating more e-commerce sales. In this case, you allow the social media influencer to collaborate on the marketing process, production, or ideation.


You need to include the name of the influencers on your marketing ads, product, or service.

Most people trust social media influencers. Therefore, this means you’re likely to generate more e-commerce sales if you select the right social media influencers who are okay with having their names on your product or service.

Final Thoughts

Let the above five influencer marketing tips be your top priority if you plan to generate more e-commerce sales, build your brand awareness, and gain more conversions.

Yes, the above strategies are useful but don’t expect to see positive results right away. Ensure that these influencer marketing tips match your marketing campaign and marketing strategy.

Influencer marketing is capable of boosting your sales and brand recognition if you do it right. It is the right marketplace for e-commerce businesses because it can drive conversations, and there are several social media platforms.

By selecting trustable and ideal social media influencers, e-commerce businesses stand in a better position of creating the social proof required to gain the acceptance and trust of the potential audience.

Influencer marketing provides enormous opportunities. However, note that influencer marketing cannot generate the intended results alone.

You need to support it with content marketing and social media marketing. In this case, you need to come up with quality and highly valuable content.

Also, you need to share this content strategically so that you can access more potential audiences and establish a robust relationship.

Finally, you need to be extra careful and take much of your time selecting social media influencers. Through this, you’ll end up choosing social media influencers who will build the message of your e-commerce business the right way.

Remember, not all social media influencers can help you create a compelling message for your e-commerce store.

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