Top 50 Most Powerful Marketing Words

Posted on Jul 09, 2020
Top 50 Most Powerful Marketing Words

“Sign up today!”

“Join us!”

These are just but a couple of phrases that have become common in online spaces. Objectively, they are geared towards one thing: getting your email address. While it’s true that the intent is the same, it’s noticeable that the wording is different. 

How is this possible? Do you think that one word can compel you to click a button?

Historically speaking, the answer to that is probably going to be yes. 

While copywriting stretches back to when the conventional mediums were billboards, newspapers, magazine advertisements, and direct sales newspapers, today, it has evolved to become an art and a science. 

This branching out has enabled copywriting to find its way into almost all spheres of the digital world. There are a lot of copywriting softwares out there which will help you to create a killer copy.

As you read this, there’s a fairly good chance you felt obliged to check out the article after seeing the “50” in the headline. Why? Probably has a lot to do with the fact that it’s a nice round figure, you know, something tangible and coherent unlike a figure like 33, or 17. 

Then again, it could be because you wanted to connect with the “Powerful” statement.

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Word Choice and Impact

Word Choice and Impact

A single word can have a huge say in whether a marketing campaign thrives or is a dud on arrival. 

As a marketer, you want to be on the winning team. With good research showing that injecting specific phrases into your headlines can boost share-ability levels by up to 500%, you have all the more reason to take an interest in perfecting your craft. 

While we consider ourselves as experts in the marketing scene, it would be remiss we didn’t acknowledge those who paved the way.

David Ogilvy is considered one of the brilliant pioneering minds in the advertisement scene. Given his influence in the industry, it’s only right that we feature some of his influential words in our compilation. These can be applied on all types of websites, be it on an eCommerce or a normal information based website or even on an advertisement copy or a digital ad copy.  So, let’s dive in!

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Time is a finite resource. As a marketer, you can leverage this knowledge to make a killing in your industry. 

Importantly, your efforts shouldn’t cease with the time-limited offers you share. Say you give your clients 2 weeks to accept or deny an offer, it wouldn’t hurt to send reminders that the deal is on a clock.  

To gain a better perspective of this, here’s a compilation of the most powerful marketing words that create a sense of urgency:

  • Soon – does two jobs, promises happy returns whilst urging your customers to act fast
  • Bargain – One of Ogilvy’s masterpieces. It works because it gets prospects eager to buy. After all, you’re openly communicating how reasonable the product/service is. 
  • Going-fast – this inspires prospects to jump aboard before the train leaves the station
  • Last this powerfully convinces prospects that final action is needed for products/services that they need
  • Minute – if you have an e-commerce platform, you can use the sands of time with great effect. These regular updates can convince them on just why they need to buy 
  • Hurry – with a deadline to beat, the message here is for prospects to get quality products while they’re still available
  • Immediately – this serves to promise instant fulfilment once they buy products
  • Instantaneously – the message resonates well with clients who aren’t willing to wait to lay their hands on a product/service they’ve been meaning to get
  • Instantly – It’s a win-win situation here. You’re promising to instantly take action provided clients are ready to rapidly buy
  • Second – this serves as a testament to the quality of services rendered / products available

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Keeping Promises

Keeping Promises

Promises can do wonders for your business. It invites prospective customers closer to the negotiating table since most people are willing to take your word for it. When you stand by something, your audience will try to support your efforts.

Here’s a quick rundown on some of the most powerful marketing words that come with a promise:

  • Guarantee – the word assures clients that they can put their faith in the product/service you’re offering
  • Risk-free – this enables your clients to rest easy knowing nothing can go wrong after the transaction
  • Expires – notifies your audience that they should act soon because it’s a time-limited offer
  • Promise – serves as a show of accountability. Whatever comes after the promise can be held against you.
  • Quick – taking inspiration from Ogilvy, this influences prospects to expedite their search for products to buy
  • Pledge – goes a long way to showcase your honor and commitment to aiding your customers
  • Now  – this encourages prospects to make immediately make purchasing decisions
  • Unconditional – this helps win fans over because it acts as a show of your commitment to their success
  • Sale – everyone loves a good deal, if you have this powerful marketing word on display, there’s good chance the masses will soon flock to see what’s on offer

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Take a Chill Pill

Every purchase comes with a certain amount of risk. Since your customers are willing to part with their hard-earned cash and a considerable amount of time to get your services, it’s best to give them a sense of reassurance. 

By employing these calming words, you effectively communicate that their investment is sound and they have no reason to worry:

  • Money-back – serves as an insurance that nothing will go wrong after purchase. This can be used majorly in ecommerce stores and can help your sales numbers soar
  • Tested – if a product is tried and tested, then it’s dependable right? This powerful marketing word puts you in good books with prospects
  • Straight-forward – directness is an admirable quality that can connect you closer to your audience
  • Painless – with nothing to fear or lose, there’s good chance prospects will be eager to check out what you have to sell
  • Privacy – when prospects know that the intimate details of their lives aren’t out into the public domain, they can trust a brand with their money. This word powerfully works because it assures anonymity
  • Best-seller – people love to be associated with success. Having this label on your products can help tide fans over since you’re revealing a sense of accomplishment. This also pertains more to an online store.
  • Success – winners are loved world over. If you have a product that’s registered impressive milestones, don’t be shy to share
  • Smooth – a seamless process is appealing to clients who are ready to get up and running when using your products
  • Safe – this inspires trust. When customers know that you’re dependable and nothing can go awry, they are willing to take explore your products

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That Premium Connection

That Premium Connection

Knowing your demographic can help you connect further. If you want your brand to have an associated premium quality about it, then it’s best to embrace a couple of buzzwords. 

This way, you’ll have an easier time resonating with specific audiences. Importantly, the product quality needs to be top-notch and the copy should echo and amplify the elegance of it all. 

Here’s how to pull at your audiences’ heartstrings:

  • Invite-only – there’s a certain degree of exclusivity feel here
  • Luxurious – Nothing says deluxe class quite like luxurious. If your audience treasures elegance and comfort, then this is an angle worth reviewing.
  • Definitive – this works well in boosting your prospects’ belief in their uniqueness. As a statement of intent, your audience may be willing to associate with your brand if it oozes prestige
  • Powerful – this can work well in your favor since it gives clients a feeling of control and influence. This tends to create a lasting impression that keeps them coming back for more
  • Pristine – this gives off a lush feeling suited for audiences who want to feel they belong to a certain stratosphere, up in the clouds
  • Authentic – with original products in your line, you can easily build trust among your prospects
  • Ultimate – this wording appeals to audiences who want to believe they are best-served by one-of-a-kind offerings
  • Secret – this sells your product as associated with that oft-elusive feeling of covertness. In a world where everything seems to be out in the open, there’s good chance you can make good sales if you can assure stealth in service delivery
  • New – best used if you’re launching an innovative product in the market
  • Limited – this motivates clients to rapidly take action and claim ownership to a unique product you are selling
  • Rare – this tends to associate your brand with gemstones, hard to find, yet universally admired. As a prized possession, the wording here can inspire higher sales numbers
  • Fresh – this inspires prospects to take quickly jump at the chance of owning products you’re dropping to the market
  • Revealed – best used if you’re looking to make a grand announcement about something precious and hard to find in the market. 
  • Model – showcases that the products you’re stocking are exhibition-worthy
  • Perfect – is your product just as impressive as the ad you run? Well, then convince your customers it is. Since flawlessness is a concept that people love, it’s a brilliant strategy that can help you bag more sales numbers
  • Genuine – authenticity is a great selling point that can have customers flocking to your shop looking to buy products
  • Premium – this speaks volumes about the quality of products you have in stock

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In the digital media world, it’s hard to stop clients from scrolling. With so much content on the interwebs, it’s not easy to achieve this. 

That said, with a brilliant copy, it’s very much possible. Here’s a couple of powerful marketing words that can freeze your clients’ thumbs:

  • Announcing – goes a long way in making a grand revelation about the elegance of your services
  • Introducing – this will make customers stop in their tracks and eager to know what kind of product you’re introducing to the market and how it will change their lives
  • Offer – if you can assure quality of product without your clients having to break the bank, then, they’ll be quick to take your word for it. Many online shopping sites use this to good effect as it can result in quick sales to them.
  • Challenge – since most humans innately want to prove their worth, there’s a good chance a huge chunk of your prospects will be willing to check out whether they can hold their own to the inventive product you have in the market
  • Discover – here, you’re promising to broaden the horizons of your customers. Given the fact that there’s much hubbub on the web that doesn’t add much value to prospects’ lives, there’s a good chance they’ll pause, reflect, and decide to give your brand a shot.

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Words can motivate and inspire a sale. 

The trick lies in figuring out which ones can work in your favor. Be creative with the words you choose; don’t be afraid of using a simile or two or some clever wordplay if it can really make a good impression. Effectively, this may mean you have to do some A/B testing to see which words best resonate with your audience.

To get started, we would suggest reviewing the insightful list we just shared and give it a go in your business. 

Who knows? Success may just be around the corner. 

Are you willing to turn a corner? Let us know in the comments section below!

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