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Setting Conditional Logic

You can show/hide fields with respect to conditions you set in the Conditional Logic. It is the most highlighting feature of our WCPA.

Let’s checkout how to deal with conditional logic.

You have to tick the ‘Enable Conditional Logic’ checkbox to enable it.

Logic Action

There are two logic actions: Show and Hide. You set any of the two as per your needs.


Here you want to choose the field name which the event takes place.


Choose the correct relation of the field with the value from the drop down list. Here it provides different relations like;

  • Is
  • Is not
  • Is empty
  • Is not empty
  • Is greater than
  • Is less than
  • Is greater than or equal
  • Is less than or equal
  • Text contains
  • Text does not contains
  • Text start with
  • Text end with
  • Date Is
  • Date Is Before
  • Date Is After

Here you want to choose the value that you want to match the event through the relation. For example,

In the above example ,

The text field will show only when the Select is Option1. For every option other than Option1 it will stay hidden.

You can also create conditions with respect to Product Quantity/ Product VariationsFor example,

In the above example, the select field will hide if the Product Quantity is greater than 3.

You can also add more than one conditions. For example,

In the above example, the Checkbox group will show only when the Radio Group is empty AND Variation sizes Large.

Let’s check another example,

Here, the Checkbox Group will show only when Date Field date is 01/01/2019 OR Time is 01:00 AM OR Text Area text start with A.

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