Top 7 SEO Mistakes That Kills E-commerce Business

Posted on Sep 16, 2020
Top 7 SEO Mistakes That Kills E-commerce Business

Search Engine Optimization plays a pivotal role in all e-commerce businesses because it helps them to get the visibility they deserve to generate more leads and sales.

With a strong SEO strategy, your e-commerce business will get an easy way of ranking higher on various search engines.

Besides this, a strong SEO strategy will help the content of your e-commerce business to be visible on SERP for any relevant keyword that the users will use, hence generating more leads and sales.

Therefore, SEO is the right path to follow when it comes to improving the quality of your e-commerce website.

SEO makes your business website easier to understand, easier to navigate, user-friendly, and faster whenever loading the web pages.

Currently, hundreds of thousands of customers use search engines from one day to another.

These customers use search engines to seek out the right solutions to their problems or answers to their various questions. SEO can help your e-commerce business grow and achieve the desired objectives.

Organic search has a significant impact on the performance of the business website. Other than this, organic search is a vital element of buyer funnel, and it helps a lot in generating more leads and sales.

It’s vital to hire a skilled SEO specialist who can create a robust foundation for a business website. The best e-commerce website is the one that ranks high in search engines and features a practical and smooth consumer experience.

With Search Engine Optimization, you will get an easy way of getting your business placed ahead of the competition.

In the case where two e-commerce websites are marketing two identical products, the web-page that’s Search Engine Optimized correctly stands at a better position of generating more leads and sales compared to the one that’s optimized wrongly.

In some cases, e-commerce businesses may end up making some critical mistakes while keeping up with the market’s SEO demands.

These mistakes can affect the business’s organic search ranking. In this post, we’ll cover the top seven Search Engine Optimization mistakes that kill e-commerce businesses.

Let’s get started!

1. Not Including Product Reviews

For product reviews, you need to note that they pertain to around 50 percent e-commerce business sales. Most potential customers will always look at the reviews before purchasing something online.

Through this, the customers get to understand the features of the product. Also, they allow one to see the perspective of the individuals who have already used it.


Product reviews are incredibly helpful for several different reasons. With these product reviews, you will give your potential customers the opportunity of looking into your products a little before they decide to purchase them.

Product reviews play a pivotal role since customers are not ready to waste their money on lackluster products.

With product reviews, you give your potential visitors and audiences the opportunity of enjoying the shopping experience you provide. Other than this, with product reviews, you will get a chance to do several things.

However, you need to keep in mind that product reviews have a positive impact on customers. Product reviews give you an easy way of creating unique content within your e-commerce store.

 As an e-commerce business owner, it is always vital to ensure you have 100% unique content since SEO mistakes linked with copied/spun content are severe. With product reviews, you will easily avoid these mistakes.

Furthermore, with product reviews, the product pages of your e-commerce website will stay active since people will be reviewing your products from time-to-time hence creating social proof.

Through this, your e-commerce website will rank on various search engines. In general, product reviews have a positive impact on your e-commerce business page without considering the products you’re offering.

2. Lack Of High-Quality Product Descriptions

The best product descriptions need to be comprehensive, detailed, and coherent. There are several reasons why you need to include these types of product descriptions on your e-commerce business website.

In the end, the best e-commerce website needs to feature high-quality, detailed content with the flow. Ensure that you don’t have poorly written product descriptions since this will discourage customers from buying your products.

Be ready to sell fewer products if your e-commerce website doesn’t have product descriptions. The reason here is that customers cannot be interested enough to buy your products if you’ve not included the descriptions.

Lack of quality product descriptions will result in several SEO problems. Ensure that all the single listings on your e-commerce page have product descriptions.

Checking first the content you need is the path to follow if you want to create high-quality product descriptions.

Check the blank product page on your e-commerce website and then count all the words appearing in the navigation settings.

In this case, your product description is the best if it exceeds all these words combined. Here, you only need to focus primarily on the SEO part.

Example of a high-quality product description

In general, ensure that you write high-quality product descriptions effectively and on time. Take note not to copy product descriptions from someone else’s website.

Ensure that your product descriptions are brand new and unique.

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3. Using The Manufacturer’s Product Descriptions

Using the manufacturer’s product descriptions on your website is the worst mistake you can make. Try everything you can to avoid this mistake if you want your website to appear on the first page of search engines.

Also, you need to avoid making this mistake if you’re serious about your SEO endeavors.

You are likely not to appear anywhere on the search results if you use the manufacturer’s product descriptions. Keep in mind that unique content has a significant impact when it comes to ranking high on the search results.

Remember that several online stores are going to use the manufacturer’s product descriptions, hence why you need to avoid them at all costs. Therefore, creating a 100% unique content is the right path to follow in this case.

Always consider keeping your product descriptions away from prying eyes if you find it hard to create unique content.

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4. Using Non-Unique Titles

Ensure that you always use unique titles on your website product pages. You need to do this so that it becomes easy for search engines to rank your e-commerce site as an individual entity.

Also, you need to note that titles and keywords are the elements forming the foundation of SEO. Therefore, you’re likely to improve the SEO practices significantly if you use unique and quality titles.

Title tags need to appear in HTML format, and several successful sites always implement these types of tags.

Example of unique titles

Creating title tags is a clear indication that you’re approaching all the things with a unique edge. However, you’re likely to get a challenge if you sell several products.

In this case, you will probably repeat your keywords several times. As a result, this explains why coming up with unique ‘key phrases’ is the right path to follow.

Search engines will identify that you’re repeating the same keywords several times, but with key phrases, everything will work seamlessly.

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5. Not Making Your Site Mobile Friendly


You’re likely to lose your potential mobile customers if your e-commerce site is not mobile optimized.

Besides being a user-experience nightmare, your unresponsive site can make Google avoid recommending it to potential customers who are using mobile devices to do their research.


Always use the Google tool to check if your e-commerce website is mobile-friendly. Making use of a responsive e-commerce store is the path to follow if you’re receiving a lot of mobile traffic.

For the WordPress website, consider using a responsive theme. If you’re the one who coded the website, try everything you can to make it responsive.

If you hired someone to create the site, contact them for advice on how to make it more responsive.

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6. Not Optimizing URLs

The search spiders can find it hard to tell what your page entails if you have not optimized your URLs. The users can also find it challenging to tell what the page entails at a glance.

You can fix this mistake by making the URLs more descriptive, simpler, and ensure they feature the targeted keyword.

For your newly-created e-commerce website, you only need to check your URLs and update all the URLs that are not optimized. However, take note, not to interfere with your URLs if your pages are already generating more leads.

It’s easy to optimize the structure of your URL if you’re using a WordPress website. In this case, you need to head to the settings, permalinks, and finally, add a custom structure.

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7.  Not Utilizing Google Analytics


If you’re not utilizing Google Analytics, then it means you miss the best resource needed for optimizing your e-commerce website. With Google Analytics, you get an idea of the things that work and the ones that don’t.


It is the right time to use Google Analytics for your eCommerce if you have never used it before. With Google Analytics, you’re going to get familiarized with the SEO reports of Google and learn more about the SEO tactics that work excellently for you.

Final Thoughts

Correcting and avoiding all the above SEO mistakes is the path you need to follow so that you improve your customer experience. Also, by correcting the above SEO issues, you will improve the satisfaction scores of your subsequent customers.

The above issues have an impact on your organic search visibility, meaning you’re likely to increase your rankings on search engines if you correct all these mistakes.

Search engines update their algorithms from time to time, something that affects the organic rank of your e-commerce website.

Therefore, you stand at a better position of growing your e-commerce business and getting huge profits if you work with a well-experienced SEO agency and stay up to date when it comes to the search landscape.

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