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Buy 3 Tshirts and get the next 2 T-shirts with 30% discount  

New to Bogo Rules? To learn more about Bogo Rules  Click Here 

Navigate to WooCommerce ⇾ Pricing Rules ⇾ Add New Rule.

For about Adding rule Click Here

Discount Type: Buy X Get X

Set the Bogo Type to “Buy X get discount for n items”.

Select the product T-shirt(Red) from the list, set the Buy unit quantity as 3, and Discount items count as 2. Select the discount type as a percentage and set the Discount value as 30, that’s it, now activate the rule.

Cart page:

1.Add the product “T-shirt(Red)” into the cart

2. Navigate to the cart page

3. T-shirt gets added to cart and display its price as 1000

4. After updating the quantity to 3, the discount gets applied to the 2 products

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