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Shop for 100$ and above and get a free headset

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Discount Type: Gift Product

Set the Gift Type to “Gift Product”.

Select the Gift options Type as ‘Cart Total’, set the condition as ‘Greater than’, and enter the cart total value as  ‘100’, Now set free product as ‘Head Set, that’s it, now activate the rule.

Select the number of gift items allowed in a single order field as 1, Enable the Automatically add the gift to the cart option to add gift automatically to the cart, To select only variations enable the Gift variations option .

Product  page:

  1. Add the product “Mouse” to the cart

2. Add the product “USB Drive” to the cart

 3. Add the product “Web Cam” to the cart

Cart Page:

A headset gets added to the cart as a free gift if the total exceeds 100$

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