How To Hit Massive Sales Using 5 Ultimate Ecommerce Plugins

Posted on Oct 11, 2020
How To Hit Massive Sales Using 5 Ultimate Ecommerce Plugins

Are you looking for the right combinations of Plugin to achieve the highest sales targets? Here comes four incredibly functional WooCommerce plugins to skyrocket your online sales.

Ever wondered why some eCommerce stores fail within their first year of launch?

Mainly because, apart from building a solid, strong marketing strategy, they failed to pay heed to the most important factor;

The User experience!

Yes, that’s equally important.

If your visitors find it difficult to shop from your online store, they will hardly come back, and all your sale-goals will become unachievable.

But, don’t worry, we apprehend that perplex and come up with some awesome eCommerce Plugins that will provide a next-level User experience to your visitors. Hence you will hit Massive sale targets Months after Months.

Which Essential Features Should A “Must-have Plugin” Have?

After selecting the best WordPress hosting and getting your WooCommerce site in order, the very next task you should look for is “Must-Have plugins.”

There are tons of WooCommerce plugins, and one might get overwhelmed when they search for the best WooCommerce Plugin.

So, what is the solution when one can’t just figure it out?

It’s a no brainer! It would be best if you were crystal-clear about your business objectives.

In fact, there is no perfect plugin that you can download, and all of your requirements got settled down.  But yes! You can choose a combination of plugins that might have those essential features you are looking for.

If your eCommerce store mainly deals in digital goods such as online courses, music, digital books, or Podcasts, then you might need a plugin that allows you to customize the checkout form fields.

In the default WooCommerce, you cannot eliminate the Address field, whereas there is no use of address or shipping section in digital services because you are not selling physical goods.

On the contrary, if you are selling physical goods, then you might need a plugin that could provide you shipping and inventory section customization.

Or maybe you offer products that need any custom field text where people could add their preferences about their orders such as special Cake services or Restaurants or jewelry business.

You need to check if you need multiple payment gateways to support, then the selected Plugin should offer the ability to add any of the payment gateways you will use in the future.

Nonetheless, the most important feature is the Plugin’s compatibility with the installed theme, and it should be lightweight, so it may not cause your site’s speed to be sluggish.

If any of these factors are included in your checklist, then this article is going to serve you best because we have hand-picked some of the game changer eCommerce plugins which are packed with numerous beneficial features which can supercharge your eCommerce store’s performance and eventually your visitors will enjoy spending more on your store.

Here are the four plugins and their details which you can use to maximize your sale’s target.

 Product Addons for WooCommerce


The WooCommerce product addons plugin is an ideal solution for those eCommerce stores that have multiple products with different shapes, sizes, colors, and materials.

This Plugin helps create a separate field so the customers could explain their preferences about their order. Also, the Plugin will let you create different product prices depending upon the input options entered by the visitor.

Once the customer adds their specific product option, the checkout form is updated accordingly. You can also enter different price options, dropdown lists, including colors and items available in stock.

Salient Features Of Product Addons For WooCommerce

Product Addons plugin enables its users to add and configure any field addon to provide a smooth shopping experience. It comes with a drag’n drop form builder where you can visually add fields in the form.

Also, the product element selectors are easily customizable. If you enable custom fields with multiple pricing options, the final price will automatically get updated with the pricing option selected by the customer.

Moreover, the conditional logic option lets you hide or show specific fields depending upon the customer action to select the product option.

Pros And Cons Of Product Addons For WooCommerce


  • Drag and drop form builder 
  • Add a text field to get the personalized information by the visitors, or you can use it to collect email, passwords, or any information regarding the product’s information.
  • Add a ‘select field.’ The select field will let the users select multiple product options from the dropdown menu.
  • Add a file upload field to collect any file from users such as any document, image, or video.
  • Add date and time picker field to schedule upcoming appointments or reservations
  • You can enable the location selector field, and when the customer adds details about location, Google map will respond with the location options.
  • More than types of  18 Conditional logic can be set, and it will show or hide depending upon the customer’s selection of product’s options
  • You will get more than 20 field options.
  • You can create a custom price formula to calculate the product price


  • Can not avail premium features in the free version, but the truth is the pro features are worth the money.
  • Conditional logic and price field options are available with premium versions only.

WooCommerce Product Addons Plugin Pricing


WooCommerce product Addon is available both in a free version and a premium version. The premium version price for a single site is $59 with lifetime updates.

Checkout Field Editor And Manager For WooCommerce


WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor plugin is an awesome plugin that can help you in simplifying and personalizing the default checkout page of WordPress.

A simple and smooth checkout process is the core of any online shopping experience. Because the research says that more than 69% of people abandon shopping just because the checkout process is too complicated, and they have to go through clicking on multiple pages to finish off their shopping.

Salient Features Of Checkout Field Editor And Manager Plugin

People get tired of long checkout forms or if they have to fill out optional fields, and they will get frustrated and leave for any competitor site.

To simplify the checkout procedure, we have an incredible tool, “Checkout field Editor Plugin,” that is packed with all checkout related compact management tools to assist you.

Now editing your checkout fields is a no-brainer game, and you can add, modify, rearrange or hide any of your checkout fields conveniently.

Also, the checkout field Editor plugin is equipped with drag’n drop editor, which helps in managing your checkout fields effortlessly. You can drag’n drop any of the fields in your desired order.

You will have the option of more than 14 types of custom checkout fields in the free version, while in the paid version, you will get access to more than 16 types of custom checkout fields.

Also, these fields can be placed in more than 13 places. The default checkout form comes with limited editing options. You can only edit default fields but cannot delete them from your form in general.

But the checkout field editor comes with a full ability to edit any given field; you can edit, delete or disable any of the unwanted fields in the checkout form.

Another incredible feature of the checkout field editor Plugin is that you can add the conditional logic field in your checkout form, which is most important if you offer customized products.

This tool is quite helpful in creating short checkout forms, and you can hide or show different fields depending upon the product options selected by the customers.

You can place these conditional login fields in multiple places such as in the cart, cart subtotal, or at user role or the cart total.

The most important function of this checkout field plugin is that you can add new fields and sections as per your brand’s needs and business requirements.

Multiple product options can be added, such as text field, radio field, image group, or date field. Also, you can edit, rearrange, or hide/ show these newly added fields.

Furthermore, you can add new sections along with the custom fields. By default, there are two or three-sections such as the billing section, shipping, and address section, but with the Checkout Field form plugin, you can add any other section matching to your brand’s needs.

Pros And Cons Of WooCommerce checkout Page Editor Plugin


  • Drag and drop checkout field editor to quickly edit fields in the desired order.
  • Edit any default field or newly added field; however, only editing is allowed with the default fields, and the default fields cannot be eliminated. 
  • conditional logic will let you hide or show fields upon conditions settled by you
  • Add more functional fields other than any existing default field forms to collect customers’ information such as email, password, or any text field.
  • Add new sections and place them in different areas.
  • Duplicate any field or section 
  • Add or remove any field in the order detail page or order email.


Most of the functional features, such as conditional logic, pricing fields are only available in the premium version.

Checkout Field Editor Plugin Pricing


The checkout field Editor Plugin comes with a free and paid version. The free version is ready to be downloaded at WordPress repository while the pro version starts at 29$/ year and has three more tiers.

WooCommerce Dynamic pricing With Discount Rules Plugin


Every eCommerce store takes advantage of event-based sales such as summer sales, Black-Friday sales, Christmas sales, or clearance sales.

In this way, you can attract significant numbers of visitors to your site inspired by these sales tactics.

So, you’ll widely need a plugin that could allow you to apply a discount on any specific product or set of products, or you can select to set a discount on all products.

This Plugin offers an incredible feature of adding a discounted price on bulk orders. Suppose the price of a product is 50$, and you set a discount rule. If the customer buys 15 products, the unit price of a product should be 30$.

In this way, you can set several discount rules easily using the WooCommerce Dynamic pricing plugin.

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Salient Features

You can set discount rules based on conditions depending upon the user’s role, the number of orders, or order history of last order. You can also set schedule discounts on featured products beforehand for any upcoming event.

That’s not all! This plugin also allows you to set timers or sales badges for products on sales. With the Dynamic pricing plugin, you can set two types of discounts; Percentage based or fixed price discount.

The percentage price discount rule will eliminate a certain percentage amount from the actual price. Such as if the percentage is 10 and the cost of the product is 50$, then it will sell at 40$.

Or you can set a fixed price discount that will be eliminated from the final price in the cart. Also, you can show a dynamic pricing table

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Pros And Cons


  • Two types of discount options are available; percentage and fixed price discounts.
  • Set discounts in several ways such as on Cart Total, Product Quantity, and numbers of products added in the cart or on product prices. 
  • The pro version allows you to add a gifting product option, which you can set when certain conditions are met, such as spending fixed money, on the first order, or certain product prices.
  • In the pro version, you can set offers like “buy one –get one free” types of offer.
  • Apply restrictions on discounts concerning user roles.
  • Apply discounts on all products or a select set of products available at a discounted price.
  • Set schedules for the upcoming discount with the start and ending date.
  • Set the pricing table on the selected product page to show the range of discounts available.


The gifting product and buy one get one offer are available with pro versions only.


WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing plugin with discount rules has a free and a paid version. The lowest price of the pro version starts at $29 with a yearly update for a single site.


Product Labels For WooCommercePlugin


WooCommerce Product Labels will help you in adding labels to your products. There are plentiful ways to attract visitors to your site.

You might have products that are cheaper than your competitor’s products, or you may offer free shipping to specific zones, or you might have a better ability to restock products than others.

Then to display these unique features, you will need to display product features and get benefits by using “product labels.”

Sale badge is included in the default setup of WooCommerce, but what if you like to show the exact percentage the customers will get in the sale. You might have seen 70% off, 30% off badges with products on sale.

Now you can use all of these product display options by using special badges. Also, you can customize these badges or use any premade exclusive collection of special product badges.

Product Labels Salient Features

Product Labels help you in creating unlimited badges, and you can schedule badges for any upcoming dates by selecting time and date.

You can set any customized badges on products such as flash sales, new products, and stock alert badges.There are limited customized badges in the free version, while the pro version gives you access to more than 100 premade badges.

The premade badges can be customized easily, and you can change the color, font size, padding, and style. Moreover, you can see live changes with a live preview option.

Also, you can add badges to the selected set of products or categories.

Product Labels Pros And Cons


  • Create unlimited badges for your products or a set of products.
  • Preview live changes with preview option
  • Get access to more than 100 premade badges
  • Set timer and date and also offer expiry date on the product badges.
  • Allow setting badges on all products or a single product.
  • The badges are easily customizable, and you can change the color, padding, style, and fonts of badges.


The set timer option is only available with the premium version.

WooCommerce Product Labels Pricing

The WooCommerce product page has a free version at the WordPress repository. Also, for extended features, you can try the pro version – Woocommerce Product Badges.

WooCommerce Product Feed Manager


WooCommerce Product Feed Manager is an exclusive WooCommerce plugin that helps WooCommerce shop owners to promote their products on large marketplaces.

You will be able to use it to generate an accurate product feed for over 170+ marketplaces whether it is local or international. Some of its supported marketplaces include Google Shopping, Facebook Ads, eBay, Trovaprezzi, Kelkoo, Pricespy, Glami, and many more.

The plugin comes with several useful features for feed generation such as:

  • Category Mapping to assign categories easily
  • Custom & Category Filter Options
  • Auto-Update of the feed on scheduled intervals
  • JSON-LD structured data fix for variable products
  • Custom fields to include additional product data
  • Custom Feed Template Generation

There are several other features that will make it easy for you to generate product feed without wasting time.

Summing Up

Having the right set of WordPress plugins can ensure your business success. With the WooCommerce checkout form plugin, your customers can easily shop from your site.

And the other three plugins come with their specialties and also integrate very well with all WooCommerce related plugins.

These plugins are extremely helpful in speeding up your business sales and providing a user-friendly shopping experience.

So, which WooCommerce plugin inspired you most out of these four Must-Have plugins? Send your opinions in the comment section.

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