Examples of Famous Brands & Companies Using WordPress

Posted on Jul 07, 2021
Examples of Famous Brands & Companies Using WordPress

WordPress is an open-source platform that enables website creation. It is a free, and powerful website and blogging developing platform of the current digital world.

Technically, you can call WordPress a Content Management System or CMS. It is a PHP-written tool and uses MySQL as the database.

Now, coming to the question for which you look for an answer. Which are the renowned brands or businesses whose websites rely on the excellence of WordPress?

Yes, we too wanted to know about this and that’s why we have researched it for you. And it ended up in a long list of popular and well-known companies that use WordPress to establish their digital presence.

So, before getting into listing the companies using WordPress, it is good to have an understanding of why WordPress is so important nowadays and chosen by big websites for their website building purposes.

User- friendly 

The platform has ease of access and a user-friendly interface.

You can instantly perform processes like getting the required posts, images, or pages without delay.

The website can be easily managed


You might already know that WordPress works from a browser.

So, to manage the site, it is easy for you to log in with the help of any computer which is Internet-enabled.

No additional editing software required

Being a CMS, and a whole integrated system, you don’t need special editing software like ah HTML or FTP editing software.

It is easy for you to build new pages, posts, or enable text formatting, upload and edit the images and documents, use the gallery and upload video files etc.

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WordPress is loved by Search Engines


WordPress works with very simple code, and this is easily understood by search engines. The site’s content can be indexed easily. Also, every post, or image, or even the page itself can contain the title, meta description, keywords, and optimization features.

To improve Search Engine Optimization or SEO, you may also include tags as required.

You Have Control of Your Site

You don’t have to rely on a web designer to build website updates regularly.

WordPress is a quick solution where you can manage and control the site features, and you will be able to make updates as required easily.

Customizable Designs

The visual appeal and the Website design are fully customized, and your business can deliver the visitors with altogether, a different experience.

Built-in Blog Functionality

WordPress is well known as a platform that facilitates effective blogging. You can opt for settings like Email Subscriptions, commenting features, adding featured posts, and make the site’s appearance more attractive and highly interactive.

You may add plugins for more functionality.


Use various plugins for adding more features, functionality, and additional operations. The major benefit is that the plugins are cost-effective and sometimes, absolutely free of cost.

If you want any extra features to be added to the site, plugins can be very helpful and advantageous.

Scalable websites

As your WordPress develops, the website performance also scales up. There can be as many pages or blog posts appear on your website. 

WordPress always provides the best scalable solutions which adhere to the demands and requirements of the application software.

Multiple Users can Access

With a WordPress website, you can make use of multiple users to access the platform and as an admin, roles can be assigned to every user based on the levels and work to be assigned.

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Examples of Websites Using WordPress

Based on the topic, and the purpose served by the company, we have made lists that differentiates the WordPress sites. Here are some of the major companies and brands that have used WordPress in their online journey to make their websites and pages look attractive and most demanding.

Categories of Sites listed are:

  1. Business Websites
  2. News Websites and Online Magazines
  3. E-Commerce Websites
  4. Entertainment Websites
  5. Blogs 
  6. Education Websites

Business Websites


To build a good social media and online presence, businesses require a good platform and continuous marketing efforts. 

With WordPress, every business can benefit from a good web-based environment that is highly responsive, audience-friendly, and regularly updated against security risks and for adding new features.

Here are the business Websites,  that benefitted from WordPress services:

Walt Disney Company

Walt Disney is the most popular and famous entertainment company. Walt Disney Company focuses on theme parks and movie characters.


They make a revenue of 70 million dollars per year. The Donald Duck and the Mickey Mouse character creators make use of WordPress to empower their services and online presence.


Being an effective SaaS tool, AdEspresso emphasizes managing a wide range of users, including beginners, to expert marketing professionals. 


With this tool, you can build, or modify and even make a quick analysis on the Facebook ads, Google Ads, and also Instagram Ads.

Toyota Brazil

Toyota stands as one of the most renowned car manufacturing companies in the world. Its website based in Brazil is a WordPress-powered Website. It is easy to navigate and has a beautiful layout.


News Websites and Online Magazines


The latest news and the major trending topics, including the hot debates are not limited to offline editions. Nowadays, many online news platforms and websites offer daily news and topics.

Below given are the examples of news websites which use WordPress to attract more visitors and readers to the site.

Bloomberg Professional

Bloomberg Professional uses WordPress to make a visually pleasing theme and design. The financial giant Bloomberg LLP had given birth to this news platform, where finance professionals usually search for finance-related news and information.



Vogue is a fashion and style-related business website that deals with cosmetics, beauty products, updates from celebrities, and many reviews. 


There are 25 million people worldwide, who use this fashion magazine, and this WordPress website is crowded by 42 million visitors every month, who are unique.


Who doesn’t love TED? Being the popular and globally accepted talk show and informative platform with talented and amazing speakers, it shares information on a variety of issues and uses blogs with excerpts of telecasts from the show.


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E-Commerce Websites

e-Commerce and its features are well portrayed by the best part of WordPress. eCommerce plugins can be integrated with the WordPress platform and this makes running the online store easy and effective.

Here are some e-commerce platforms that make use of WordPress for easy functionality:

Kawaii Box

A Japanese service, Kawaii Box, is focused on subscription as a service. As you go to their platform and initiate a sign-up, they deliver Japanese or Korean goods like accessories and stationery items, and candles every month.



WooCommerce uses its platform for Website hosting. Using various WooCommerce plugins and available themes, you can avail yourself of their flagship products. WooCommerce works with WordPress integration for the smooth functioning of these operations.


Porter & York

If you require fresh-cut meat at your location, Porter and York can deliver it. They provide premium meat cut pieces and ensure that the meat doesn’t compromise the freshness and tenderness.


Entertainment Websites

Entertainment websites need to be eye-catchy and aesthetic. WordPress makes it highly attractive with the various customizable themes and designs. 

The entertainment websites that make use of WordPress include:

Angry Birds 

Angry Birds is the most popular, colorful, and vibrant cartoon series. Through the Angry Birds Website, you can play games, watch videos and also buy Angry Birds toys and merchandise.



MTV is familiar to everyone. MTV has a good news website, which is visually outstanding that lets you get information about various celebrities.


Sony Music 

Sony Music Entertainment is a popular entertainment platform across the world. Sony Music features top, relevant, and famous artists from various parts of the world.


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In terms of scalability, safety measures, and cost-effectiveness, WordPress ranks as the top blogging website. Hence, several organizations and firms consider WordPress as their blogging platform.

Here are some blog websites which use WordPress:

IBM Jobs Blog

This is a major portal, where job applicants or seekers can use it for their career purposes. It has blogs, job-related advice, and many motivational and inspirational story pieces for job aspirants.



You can post images and videos with the Flickr community. There are more than 87 million Flickr users worldwide. With WordPress blogging site, Flickr helps readers to get engaged through relatable visual information and elegant blog layout. 


Mozilla Blog

Through Mozilla Blog, which is created by the Firefox browser team, they share and communicate the recent updates from the team to the audience.


Education Websites

Educational websites help students and the staff to easily communicate. It also enables students to understand a specific college or an institution and its services.

Here are some educational websites that use WordPress:

The International Gems Society

This educational website gives data about the different types of gems. This is focused on more curious and focused students.


Lafayette College

The college is located in Pennsylvania. It offers UG programs for degrees in Science, Engineering, and Arts.


Georgia State University

Their educational website uses WordPress for the website. The information includes effective students and teacher’s guides, university updates, and all the services.


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For various websites, undoubtedly,  WordPress is an amazing website builder tool. Its versatility makes it the right fit for various businesses, e-commerce, blogging, and portfolio websites.

WordPress is an ideal and perfect solution that lets you build both big and small websites. The flexible and usable WordPress designs have added to its popularity.

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